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Geo-Maths in Medicine   Georgia I. Pistolla

Geo-Maths in Medicine

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present book is a proposal of new methodological patterns in the data analysis, focusing on the health area, epidemiology and Public health. This is a methodological book; the next step after the writer’s PhD, using its subject only as an inspiration. It introduces a new theory of investigating the nature of data in space, identifying whether they are deterministic or stochastic phenomena. Additionally, it describes other methods that are suitable for health data in time and space, connecting their value with the human body structure. The human body and the physiological functions are fractal and their effects should be analyzed as such. Furthermore, it provides several examples of applications using the suggested methods, highlighting that in order to have reliable and the optimum results we should analyze the under study phenomenon as closer to its real environment as we could. This book suggests that we should “learn” our data first and not the opposite; this will be...
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