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Core Clinical Cases in Obstetrics : Management & Commentaries   Maiza Tusimin

Core Clinical Cases in Obstetrics : Management & Commentaries

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Obstetrics has evolved from an apprentice system to a more structured course format. Advances have been constructed with the use of simulated cases, problem-based learning and e-learning resources; however, this has led to a separation of the learning environment from the clinical art of real medicine. Pregnancy is an instinctive process, yet each pregnancy for each individual is unique and complex. I have written this book with both clinicians, medical and post-grad students in mind, with cases varying in complexity, to reinforce common or vital subject areas. This book therefore differs from those of clinical medicine and surgery in that the cases selected are core obstetrics cases, a real case scenario for which management were based on clinical grounds and evidence-based medicine. In view of the possibility of progress and advances in medical sciences, readers are encouraged to complement the information contained here with other reliable sources. I hope this book will stimulate...
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