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Verotoxin1 in pathogenesis of E.coli and tumor eradication in Balb/c   Hasan Hosain Zadegan

Verotoxin1 in pathogenesis of E.coli and tumor eradication in Balb/c

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As we know, pathogenesis of infections and treatment of cancers are from interesting subjects in medical courses. This book is in fact simultaneously refers to this subjects, but basically is a bacteriology related study,so it is suitable for all of the medical and paramedical students, and physicians, microbiologists, specials of cancer therapy, and all of scintists in the field of microbiology and medicine. The material presented in the form of dissertation, so it could be useful for postgraduate students interesting to study of applications of microbial metabolites in human life and specially cancer treatments. At first chapter a good literature review have been presented about verotoxins and specially verotoxin1, and LPS and its derivatives.In this section also hints on medical applications of mentioned materials have presented for users.
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