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Oral and Peri-oral Piercing-You Decide   Jas Kirat Singh,Rajan Dhawan and Shivani Dhawan

Oral and Peri-oral Piercing-You Decide

60 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Earlier, Piercing was carried out mainly as a ritual but nowadays after being advocated by famous sports person and celebrities it is being considered as a fashion.There are different inherent risks and complications associated with piercing procedure. There have been cases where these complications have proved to be fatal. Oral and perioral piercing has become so prevalent that it is likely to be seen in most dental settings. So the oral health care professionals in particular should educate people about the possible outcomes of piercing. They themselves should also be aware of the procedure of jewellery removal, keeping up the patency of the piercing site and re- insertion of the jewellery.There is no doubt in the fact that darker side of oral and peri-oral piercing can never be ignored.The individual must consult a dentist and discuss about the piercing before taking the final decision about oral piercing.
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