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Growth Pattern of Western Indian Children   Swati Pandhare

Growth Pattern of Western Indian Children

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The term growth and development as used in the studies of physical growth is referred as a process not only intimately linked with time, but also affected by different genetic conditions and environment modifications. In India due to variability in culture, religion, socio-economic status and dietary habits; there are no fixed anthropometric indices has been formulated. And the norms which are laid down for one region are not hold good in the other parts of the country. Also the growth studies especially of preschool age group are very few particularly in India. Thus the present attempt would add to our knowledge of the growth pattern of preschool age group i.e. at birth to 5 year children. The data collected for our study would be useful to be as an anthropometric measurement for reference and comparison with international standard.
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