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MiRNAs and LincRNAs   Ruth Zarate and Valentina Boni

MiRNAs and LincRNAs

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The differential expression of miRNA in cancer could be useful in diagnosis to distinguish between malignant and reactive lesions. Moreover, given that the complex mechanism of gene regulation by microRNAs is profoundly influenced by variations in gene sequence (polymorphisms) of the target sites; it may indicate that miRNA expression could be influenced not only by tumor type but also by individual variability related to ethnic geographical region. On the other hand, considering critical roles for chromatin-modifying complexes in the establishment and maintenance of cells pluripotency, and the possibility of lincRNAs interactions with these complexes could impart target specificity. LincRNAs (such as HOTAIR) could represent an additional layer of complexity in the networks controlling cellular differentiation. Finally, miRNA-based cancer therapy is a very interesting field of research that offers the appeal of targeting multiple gene networks controlled by a single miRNA.
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