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Edible oil Adulterants (Argemone oil and Butter yellow): Exposure risk   Vivek Mishra,Manjari Mishra and Mukul Das

Edible oil Adulterants (Argemone oil and Butter yellow): Exposure risk

180 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since AO and BY has been shown to be indiscriminately added in food and oil and both have genotoxic and carcinogenic/mutagenic potential. Hence, following studies are proposed as a part of this dissertation to fill up the above mentioned lacuna in argemone oil and butter yellow intoxication. Reproductive toxicity: Consumption of edible oil adulterated with argemone oil (AO) is also presumed to be one of the factors for reduction in sperm count and we have observed that alterations in germ cell apoptosis by a disruption in contact mediated communication between the Sertoli cells and germ cells, may subsequently lead to testicular impairment. Hepatic Toxicity: The study suggests that AO and BY treatment may cause oxidative stress and diminished phase I & II enzymes leading to accumulation of parent compound (s) or their metabolites which may results in the formation of liver cancer. Carcinogenic potential in gall bladder in vitro and in vivo study suggests that AO...
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