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HIV transmission risk behavior amongst truckers of district of India   Zahiruddin Quazi Syed,Abhay Gaidhane and Sanjay Zodpey

HIV transmission risk behavior amongst truckers of district of India

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In our study 78.8% participants (85 % truckers and 64 % helpers) had experienced sexual intercourse. Mean age of sexual debut for truckers was 22.3 years and that for helpers was 23 years. 45 % participants mentioned that for the first time their sexual partner was their wife, 20 % mention that their first sexual partner was cohabit partners and 34.6 % said it with non-cohabiting partners. All study participants were aware of condom and more than 80 % purchase condom from medicine shop/pharmacy, a quarter of participants purchased condom from hotel, bar or guest house, they usually stop at such places for rest and also for sex. This opportunity to make condom available can be exploited further, because such places are familiar to the study target group and they have little inhibitions to obtain or purchase condom from such places. Reason for not using condom were loss of pleasure (66 %), don’t like condom (53 %), not necessary (45%); in spite of the fact that 51 %...
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