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The Rising Trend of Obesity in Pakistani Children   Jamil Ahmed,Vikram Mehraj and Ramesh Kumar

The Rising Trend of Obesity in Pakistani Children

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book draws conclusion on the increasingly high burden of overweight and obesity among the children in a developing country setting. Obesity prevalence is found to be highest among the boys, children belonging to the middle income families and those in the younger age groups. The determinants of the obesity exist within the home and school environment. Children are spending an alarmingly large part of their daily time on sedentary activities, mostly on television. Having minimal physical activity opportunities both at school and home and easier access to energy rich fast foods are found to be the major determinants of obesity. Children who are poor in sports and those who want to loose weight were very obese indicating that there is an unmet need as far as sports opportunities is concerned. The consumption of fruits is associated with protection against obesity a factor that emphasizes towards healthier eating in daily life.
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