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Avian Influenza: Preventive Practices among Poultry Farm Workers   Dr. Nima Wangchuk,Dr. Supawadee Boonchuen and Chaweewon Boonshuyar

Avian Influenza: Preventive Practices among Poultry Farm Workers

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ever since the first case of Avian Influenza (AI) commonly known as “bird flu” was detected in poultry in Hong Kong in 1996, this highly pathogenic strain of influenza virus type A (subtype H5N1) caused series of outbreaks, wrecking colossal casualty to humans and animals.The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan reported its first case of bird flu outbreak in February 2010. With the increasing number of poultry farms being developed in the country for poverty alleviation, poultry farm workers today had become the most vulnerable group to be infected with AI as they have to work in close contact with poultry. Very little is known about the current AI preventive practices of the poultry farm workers. Therefore, this book based on a study conducted in Bhutan attempts to give an insight into the various factors associated with AI preventive practices.The author is also fully confident that this unique book will go a long way in serving the needs of the planners, policy makers, administrators,...
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