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Health Sector Reforms: factors influencing the policy process   Ehsanullah Tarin

Health Sector Reforms: factors influencing the policy process

324 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study explores factors that influenced the policy process for the health sector reforms undertaken by the government. This is a qualitative research, which employs a case study approach. Four cases were selected and, based on a framework for analyzing the policy process, data was collected using interviews, FGDs and document reviews. With the help of a computer-assisted data processing system, the qualitative data was analyzed and findings are presented as four single-case studies. The cross-case analysis generated discussion and a multiple-case study was developed that helped in identifying factors influencing the policy process for the Punjab health sector reforms. The study revealed six factors: (1) absence of clearly defined principles and purposes; (2) insufficient involvement of stakeholders; (3) lack of a holistic view of context; (4) shortcomings of the policy machine; (5) need for a proper implementation structure; and (6) administrative fatigue of donors.
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