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Demand and Choice of Health Care   M Selvaraj and Laitha Ramachandran

Demand and Choice of Health Care

180 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is intended to provide a scientific research knowledge in social studies. Demand for health, anthropometric analysis, choice of health care services are the focused objectives in this book. The uniqueness of the book lies in its treatment of methodology and text; it provides enough information that prepares the social researchers, economists, learners to face the challenges in field of Health Economics. This book aims at integrating theory with practice - supported by the latest findings in the field with a view to make the subject very relevant and exciting to the readers. Every attempt has been made to present the contents in a lucid, simple and easily understandable style. It also provides a comprehensive coverage to a vast, growing discipline - well supported by methodology, analysis, incidents, cases and examples from the third world countries. This book is intended to support and to increase the interest for the social researchers, economists, experts and...
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