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Foot and Ankle   Dinu Vermesan,Radu Prejbeanu and Horia Haragus

Foot and Ankle

244 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The medical conditions described in this material represent a leading cause of morbidity among the old adult population. These include a heterogenous group of diseases with the common outcome of clinically significant deformity of the foot and ankle region. What the authors strived to achieve through this specialty book is a practical approach on topics such as hallux valgus, Charcot foot and ankle arthritis based on personal experience and a thorough and up to date literature review. Information is presented concise and supported by an array of relevant illustrations which make it appealing to residents and specialists alike. In addition to surgical management and case presentations, this book also includes the ancillary material on gait and plantar pressures analysis, orthotics and physical therapy. We believe the pertinent style, abundance of illustrations from the author’s cases and correlation with current evidence will make this a worthwhile instructional journey.
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