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A Clinical Trail Of Doxycycline In Onchocerciasis Therapy   Daniel Tagoe

A Clinical Trail Of Doxycycline In Onchocerciasis Therapy

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ivermectin although highly effective in the rapid destruction of microfilaria, has been found unsustainable in controlling onchocerciasis and would not be able to eradicate the disease. The discovery of Wolbachia and its implication in adverse reactions in ivermectin treated patients as well as target for therapy necessitated several research works. The author undertook a survey, recruited patients and treated them with different regimen of doxycycline. One regimen was found effective and more sustainable than ivermectin and reduces adverse reactions. This books takes the Research Scientist through step-by-step approach in designing a Clinical Trail and undertaking the research. A well designed Double-Blind Placebo control research, extensive Write-up, elaborate description of both fieldwork and laboratory analysis and the supporting arguments will help several Undergraduate, Master's and Ph.D students in designing and undertaking their research thesis.
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