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HIV/AIDS Caregiving without ARVs in Lesotho   Mokhantso Makoae

HIV/AIDS Caregiving without ARVs in Lesotho

252 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book chronicles poignant experiences of family members who provided care for HIV and AIDS patients before antiretroviral drugs were available in the public health sector in Lesotho. Central to the caregivers'' experiences is the patients'' bodies that need attention, resist care and project suffering. The issues of confidentiality, the “minimum package of care”, de-medicalisation of HIV/AIDS care and rationing are discussed to illustrate their significance in the studied care contexts. Policy and practice that are consistent with the ethic of care and ubuntu are needed in the provision of humane interventions. It is concluded that improved communication between care-recipients, health care providers and family caregivers about HIV diagnosis and prognosis as well as improved access to appropriate medical care are consistent with the ethic of care and ubuntu and these could influence caregiving experiences positively.
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