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Mitochondrial signaling and Ca2+ dysregulation in motorneurons   Manoj Kumar Jaiswal

Mitochondrial signaling and Ca2+ dysregulation in motorneurons

180 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the selective death of subsets of motorneuorn (MN) populations in the brainstem and spinal cord with signature hallmarks of mitochondrial Ca2+ overload, homeostasis dysregulation, excitotoxicity, impaired axonal transport, muscle weakness and paralysis. Although disruptions of cytosolic and mitochondrial Ca2+ (in particular low ([Ca2+]i) buffering and a strong interaction between metabolic mechanisms and [Ca2+]i) have been associated with selective motoneuron degeneration, the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. The present evidence supports a hypothesis that mitochondria are a primary target of SOD1-mediated toxicity in ALS, and intracellular alterations of cytosolic and mitochondria-ER microdomain calcium accumulation might aggravate the course of this neurodegenerative disease. This book aims to provide an overview of the known players and their interactions, their role in the...
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