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Rehabilitation Services for Stroke Pateins   Saleh Al-Oraibi

Rehabilitation Services for Stroke Pateins

300 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book was written for Researchers, Health professionals, decision makers who deal with stroke patients in developing countries as well as for those who deal with stroke patients from ethnic minorities groups who live in Western Countries. This book was an outcome print of a research project which is and unique and elicited a new body of evidence about the characteristics of stroke patients in hospitals, and about the life experience of stroke survivors and their carers after discharge. It is hope that by improving knowledge about stroke, both the public and health care professionals there will be more aware of risk factors and how to improve care for stroke survivors. This book presents a unique contribution to knowledge about the experiences of stroke survivors and their families and also shows how care systems are very dependent on cultural contexts, cultural beliefs and practices. The book concludes with recommendations for the development of community care policy...
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