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Scientific misconduct or how to make the elderly pay for placebos   Sergei Jargin

Scientific misconduct or how to make the elderly pay for placebos

76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is evident for a reviewer of scientific literature that quality of argumentation in some areas of medical and biological research has deteriorated during the last decades. Publication series defending questionable scientific concepts have been continued without referring to the published criticism. Another tendency that has become remarkable last time is that drugs and dietary supplements without proven effects as well as questionable treatment methods have been advertised, and corresponding products marketed in the guise of evidence-based medicine. Scientific publications are needed to register such drugs and treatments to obtain permissions for their use; accordingly, the publications have been prepared, sometimes being obviously fabricated in a rough-and-ready manner. The author of this book firmly believes that such deviations are temporary in their nature, that science has a self-purifying capacity, and that scientific truth will win through sooner or later.
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