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Katibasti (A unique Panchakarma Therapy) for sciatica- clinical study   Gopesh Mangal,Gunjan Garg and Radhey shyam Sharma

Katibasti (A unique Panchakarma Therapy) for sciatica- clinical study

252 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gridhrasi –as the term meaning goes indicates the typical gait that resembles of a “Gridhra” or “Vulture”, which is often seen in Gridhrasi. The symptoms seen in Gridhrasi can be well correlated with “Sciatica” in modern terminology. Sciatica is a very painful condition in which pain beings in lumbar region and radiates along the posterolateral aspect of thigh and leg, means in the distribution of Sciatica nerve which ends to the outer border of foot. Herniation or degenerative changes in intervartibral disc is the most common causes. Moreover, the modern treatment of sciatica is not very satisfactory and includes use of analgesics and few surgical procedures which is often associated with many adverse effects.Ayurveda has description of various therapies for the treatment of Gridhrasi. Among them Panchakarma is a very unique therapeutic procedure because of its preventive, promotive, prophylactic and rejuvinative properties as well as as providing a radical cure. Among the...
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