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Lexical Access through semantic memory task   Jaivikas Hippla Hiriyanna Gowda

Lexical Access through semantic memory task

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I have always been fascinated by Speech and hearing mechanism. I find the human brain and its way of analyzing the complex speech as quite amazing, yet still very mysterious. I knew that I needed to be in a field that would enable me to gain more knowledge about the mysterious processes involved in processing and perception in brain. I have completed my Masters at Dr. M. V Shetty college of speech and hearing, as a post graduate student. My main research interest is on electrophysiological responses, speech perception, language and cognition and my current interest is in understanding how speech sounds are represented in the brain of normal and in clinical population. Throughout my studies I have begun to appreciate the breadth of the different processes involved in learning. Many disciplines like audiology, physiology, psychology, pathology, neurology. offer new and unique outlooks on language, speech discrimination, physiology and processing. I embrace the need...
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