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Histology of the Post-traumatic Bone Repair in Rats   Piret Hussar,Ulo Hussar and Tiit Haviko

Histology of the Post-traumatic Bone Repair in Rats

112 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
General problems of histology, histomorphogenesis and remodelling of bone have been discussed for a century and half, but have not yet been solved. Although bone histology studies have yielded a great deal of new information on the bone fracture repair, up to now there is no suitable histological model for a qualitative and quantitative complex investigation of post-traumatic bone reparation on the same morphological material in situ in the norm as well as after influence of various external factors. The aim of the present experimental study described in this book was the elaboration of a new perfect and efficient temporo-spatial in situ model — perforation model, for the study of the complicate post-traumatic bone healing histology and for study of callus tissue compartments in normal and affected rats by means of a comparison of three models. As traumatology and ortopaedics are based on the use of knowledge about the repair morphology of the skeletal tissues the...
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