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Chewing of Betel Quid among Health Care Providers in Thimphu,Bhutan   Nidup Dorji and Oranut Pacheun

Chewing of Betel Quid among Health Care Providers in Thimphu,Bhutan

112 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chewing of betel quid is a practice deep rooted in the age old traditions of most of the Asian countries. Because of its social acceptance, many Bhutanese chew betel quid in all walks of life especially among elderly population. People in Bhutan look up to health care providers as a role model for a healthier living. Health of people is an integral part of happy living propounded in the nation''s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Thus to understand, why Bhutanese people chew betel quid, a study was conducted among health care workers working in different capacities in Thimphu. It gives an insight into various factors associated with the chewing of betel quid and the consequent aftermaths. Further, the scope of the book is to provide baseline information to the policy makers and related agencies for timely interventions and decision making. This book is a wakeup call especially to health care providers, economist, decision makers, program and...
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