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Overview of Drug Utilization Pattern in Surgery   Nasara Reddy Nakka,A. Avinash and N. Junior Sundresh

Overview of Drug Utilization Pattern in Surgery

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Drug utilization review is an authorized, structured, ongoing review of healthcare provider prescribing, pharmacist, dispensing, and patient use of medication. The drug utilization studies relates to the effects of drug use, beneficial or adverse effects. Inappropriate drug use may also lead to increased cost of medical care, antimicrobial resistance, adverse effects and patient mortality. The main aim of the study is to document the drugs used in the surgery ward, percentage use of the each class of drugs, identifying the drug interactions and medication errors, monitoring medication adherence by pill count method, counselling the patient for promoting the adherence and rational use of drugs. Medicine use is however without risk, drug selection and prescribing is increasingly complex and demanding and undertake as part of a multi-disciplinary process that involves doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other members of health care team.
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