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D.P.7, №5, March 1987   Mark Gruenwald

D.P.7, №5, March 1987

170x260 32 страниц. 1987 год.
Even on the run, the group finds the time to use their special abilities to help small children who's school bus is overturned in a car wreck. Plus, when Scuzz decides he's leaving the group, is there anyone powerful enough to stop him? Don't bet on it. The group continues their travels, without any clear destination or goals. Dennis Cuzinski, the youngest member of the team, feeling increasingly isolated from and frustrated with the others, decides to head off on his own. This leads to a brief conflict with the other male members of the group, who are concerned that Cuzinski is placing himself at risk. They quickly decide he must be free to make his own decisions, and Cuzinski walks away from the group. The remaining members of the group go on to attend an exorcism organized by Jeff Walters' mother, in the hopes that it might remove their paranormalities. The process fails, as the priest concludes that their abilities are neither evil nor supernatural in nature. The group then...
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