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Brain Boy, №3, November 2013   Fred Van Lente

Brain Boy, №3, November 2013

170x260 28 страниц. 2013 год.
Dark Horse Comics
Brain Boy is Matt Price. He hates being called Brain Boy. He’s the dominant mind on this globe and he uses that to protect national security interests. He’s been tasked with protecting a foreign dignitary who is also psychically powered. That’s as recap as I can get as I’m also guilty of just catching up with this fun and energetic series. This creative team really excels at pace and scale. Writer Fred Van Lente knows when to slow things down and when to blow things up. The UN mob jumping into the river for a murderous swim is a nice example. Artist R.B. Sillva with inker Rob Lean and superb coloring by Ego really make this book pop off the page. It almost looks cartoonish but it’s much cooler than that. Trust me, this is worth picking up and reading a few times. The details are right where they need to be. Silva doesn’t over-do it anywhere. He has a great sense of direction and controlling exactly where your eyeballs should be looking next. The creativity seems to know now...
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