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Quality of Care Provided to PWD in Gaza: Clients’ Perspectives   Bassam Zaqout and Bassam Abu Hamad

Quality of Care Provided to PWD in Gaza: Clients’ Perspectives

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study aimed to explore the quality of care provided to Persons with in Gaza in order to enable the development of corrective strategies that improves the care provided to PWD by identifying future priorities that can be used to target assistance policy, programs and services for PWD in Palestine. The study results identified transportation, financial constraints, attitudes (individuals, peers, parents and teachers), teaching and care provisions, curriculum and physical access as interacting factors that create barriers to their education. The study showed that generally there was a low level of utilization of medical and rehabilitation care. The study demonstrated that PWD believing that the main factors that preventing them from full participation are their disability. Moreover the results disclosed that 8.9% of respondents are totally socially excluded; they are neither attendees nor invitees to social occasions and are rarely visited in their own homes.
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