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Contemporary service practice in UK   Ahmed Mabrouk Alosta

Contemporary service practice in UK

128 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is based on my work done at university of London to assess public opinion of surgical practice in the UK.The primary aim was to evaluate the public opinion regarding the current surgical state in UK, state of NHS and proposal of changes in health care delivery system. The secondary aim was to analyze the impact of gender, age and occupation on views on different aspects of surgical care in UK. It was an observational study in the form of questionnaire survey. The response of the participants was recorded through face to face interviews. The collected data was analyzed statistically using descriptive analysis method. The data was collected on the day of participant recruitment and there were no follow up of the participants; therefore the results produced a cross sectional results of public opinion on contemporary surgical practice In the UK.
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