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Study of PFT in granite workers   Nandini C.

Study of PFT in granite workers

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Occupational health hazard due to exposure to silica dust (which is a major component of sand and rock) over a period of time is a major health problem among the granite workers. Based on duration of exposure of workers to granite dust, I examined the lung functions of 100 workers and I found in my study that Very high degree of respiratory morbidity is associated with this industry and workers who are exposed to silica dust over a long duration of more than 10years have greater impairment in lung function compared to those of workers with less than 10yrs of exposure. The number of people at risk and who are affected by disease goes unnoticed because of poor record- keeping practice and poor knowledge about exposure and disease. This occupational disease can be prevented by periodic health examination of workers for early diagnosis and treatment.
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