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Genetic Diseases And Health Care In Tribal Areas Of India   Salil Basu

Genetic Diseases And Health Care In Tribal Areas Of India

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is well known that the quality of life is dependent on the genetic endowment of individual inherited from the parents and the interaction between genetic attributes and environment including various physical, social, socio-biological and cultural factors which undoubtedly form an integral component of heritage. It has been estimated that almost six per cent of all live born infants suffer from hereditary diseases and defects. The book ‘Genetic Diseases and Health Care' is a comprehensive, one embodying in simple language the characteristics, diagnosis, distribution and management of some common genetic diseases. The distribution of various genetic diseases (sickling, thalassemias, G-6-PD) in India have been shown in the form of maps, standard techniques and simple field oriented equipment for mass screening of genetic diseases. Management of genetic diseases and genetic counseling are discussed in detail. This publication would be highly useful as a guide for...
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