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Occupational Vision Assessment of Mine Workers   Stephen Ocansey

Occupational Vision Assessment of Mine Workers

136 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mining remains an important industrial sector in many parts of the world and although substantial progress has been made in the control of occupational health hazards associated with it, there remains room for further risk reduction. Visual hazards abound at mining sites, which can cause injury, induce eye diseases and visual impairment in workers. The economic cost to the individual, the company and the nation in productive time lost is enormous. Vigilance and vision safety assessment are required to effectively controlled accidents at mining sites. This book will be useful to occupational health and safety practitioners, occupational vision consultants and health and safety officers in instituting eye safety and surveillance systems to monitor the occurrence of eye injuries and diseases and in the planning of entrance and exit medical screening for their workers.
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