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A Scientific Exploration of ''Carakopaskara" commentary   Asit K. Panja

A Scientific Exploration of ''Carakopaskara" commentary

412 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Agnivesha tantra was a classical medical text in the ancient time which was redacted by Acarya Caraka and is known as Caraka Samhita. In due course of time various commentaries were written on this text with the specific aim to explore the text in a descriptive and analytic manner. This is a journey to re-observe the study material in an authentic experimentation and thereby make a conclusion. The quality was maintained as the exploration was made with the proper consultation of the contextual contemporary subjects. The knowledge of philosophy, literature, astrology, science, arts etc. was incorporated and it results the qualitative values of Caraka Samhita in an acceptable state. Acharya Yogindranath Sen was the last authentic commentator of Caraka Samhita. The commentary popularly known as ‘Carakopaskara’ was first published in 1920 AD. Every possible dimension is incorporated to establish the relevance of textual matters for current era. The critical analysis of ‘Carakopaskara’...
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