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The Health Workers Crises In Cameroon   Adidja Amani

The Health Workers Crises In Cameroon

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The physician’s crisis in Cameroon has reached an alarming stage and has the potential to worsen existing health problems including the attainment of Millennium Development Goals. The author takes the reader through a diverse set of issues ranging from administrative sluggishness, poor working conditions, low salaries ..etc.. leading to serious consequences like demotivation , bribery, out-migration, and imbalanced distribution of physicians in a heavily centralized inefficient system. Original, pragmatic, impeccably researched, Human Resources for Health Crises in Cameroon answers three questions: What’s going on? How did this happen? How can we fix the problem? A must-read book -for policy-makers in the formulation of effective human resources for health policies, -for students especially those who have a vested interest in public health, -for people working in INGO’s and who are eager to learn about the challenges faced by physicians in developing countries...
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