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The Study on the Spatial Transformation of Traditional Towns   Rijina Bajracharya

The Study on the Spatial Transformation of Traditional Towns

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The cities that we acknowledge today are impermanent and are in a constant state of transformation. Visible and invisible forces are always there to lead the transformation. With the growing urbanization, spatial structures and forms are developed or replaced by the new forms in cities in the continuity of time. The city is expanded in its territory and is directed by that transformation or a series of transformation towards maintaining the natural equilibrium of both its own space and the broader context, with needs arising under the influence of economic, demographic, technical, political, social and cultural trends appearing over time. The towns located at the urban boundaries of the major city centers have always been the foremost targeted space to go through the transformation. In this context, this book identifies the issues indicating the current trend of transformation and its impacts in one of the traditional towns at the vicinity of the urban core. It illustrates strategies...
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