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The Patients Voice in HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial Participation   CHARLOTTE MAHUMA

The Patients Voice in HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial Participation

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
My journey in understanding the key issues of recruitment and retention in HIV/AIDS clinical trials began with the belief that clinical trials are the cornerstone of advancing treatments and knowledge in HIV/AIDS related diseases. The purpose of the book is to give an account of the direction travelled by the author to get an in depth understanding of patients motives for taking part in HIV/AIDS clinical trial. Throughout the journey the author keeps focused on the Patients Voice? Why the patients voice? The literature review section contains a thorough review of what is known and what we still need to know about patients motives for taking part in clinical trial. Moving on from the literature review, is a conversation about the research methods that informed and shaped this journey of enquiry. After months, and months of data collection and data analysis, the author finally discusses and concludes the journey on: What motivates HIV infected people to take part in ...
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