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Fetal teratogenic cases associated with lead in some Baghdad''s regions   Rasha Jabr

Fetal teratogenic cases associated with lead in some Baghdad''s regions

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the last two decades, Iraqi community suffered and still suffering from several types of pollution affecting its environment. One of the main form of pollution is the wars and their sequential effects like the use of depleted uranium and the chemical reactions resulted from explosions, another form is the use of leaded gasoline accompanied by incremental changes in traffic jam on the roads and streets, also the massive use of power generators whether inside the houses or in the nearby regions, all of these represent a direct threat to the environment and the human beings affecting their offspring. This book provides information about birth defect, its incidence, types and causes, also provides information about pollution with heavy metal (lead), its effect on human body, reproductive system and on pregnancy This book is useful for each woman at reproductive age, and for all pregnant women to Increase their awareness about the nature of chemical substances ...
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