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The meaning of fibromyalgia   Bernardo Gonzalez-Romero

The meaning of fibromyalgia

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The number of patients with fibromyalgia is increasing in primary care.During 2 years of working and studing with this patients the author feels the need not only to understand and analize the results of therapy but to understand the phenomenon of fibromyalgia;not only from a pathofisiological perspective but from a psychological, social, cultural and existential perspective.Basic body awareness therapy is a physiotherapeutic holistic method with humanistic principles based on self-exploration and sel-experience with movement quality as core concept.It will be a group therapy and we will see the concept of salutogenesis and sense of coherence.It will be a quantitative designed assessment and a qualitative method of analalysis.But as we read the book we may find a different understanding of what fibromialgia could be.This book should interest all professionals interested in fibromialgia, health,holistic approaches,physical therapy,body therapists.Also to persons suffering from...
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