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Monograph: Umpiring Security Model & Performance improvement on MANETS   Ayyaswamy Kathirvel and Rengaramanujam Srinivasan

Monograph: Umpiring Security Model & Performance improvement on MANETS

172 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Features of the Book Several features of this text are designed to make it particularly easy to understand concepts using MANET. We have used the TCP/IP layer model as the framework for the text not only because a thorough understanding of the model is essential to understand most current networking theory but also because it is based on a structure of interdependencies. A brief scanning of the book will demonstrate that our approach is very visual. Adequate figures are particularly important in explaining networking concepts, which are based on connections and transmission of network. We accentuate important concepts is highlighted boxes for quick reference and immediate attention. Each chapter includes a list of books and sites given in the book that can be used for further reading. Each chapter ends with a summary of the material covered in that chapter. The summary provides a brief overview of all the important points in the chapter. The appendixes are projected to...
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