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Network Governance for Adaptation to Climate Change   Muhammad Shahanoor Alam

Network Governance for Adaptation to Climate Change

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Institutions of public sector, market and civil society are structurally connected and mutually dependent and therefore, they must have network in their objectives and collectiveness in actions in order to effective response against complex problems like climate change, terrorism, state security etc. Climate change in the coastal areas of Bangladesh is really a grave issue which has touched every aspects of development and livelihoods of people. Government, development partners, civil society organizations and NGOs are very much concerned about it. The Rules of Business including public sector management policies made the public section institutions vertically connected rather horizontal and formed a government within government rather a whole government. As result, good governance as well network governance does place in the context of adaptation to climate change in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Therefore, the government should revise its public sector management policies and...
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