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Clinical Medicine And Case Management Medical Book 2015   SAMUEL NAHANGA

Clinical Medicine And Case Management Medical Book 2015

200 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Medical Book is about Case manifestation,investigation,diagnosis and management of current edition and it was out of self inspiration after a series of retrospective studies and personal research. It is suitable for medical practitioners at any level in any medical setting. Too it can be used by practicing medical personnel,Medical students,Researchers and academicians. The pictorial case presentations are of the true cases observed and retrospectively researched on in both textbooks and various websites on the net as referenced. This book is made of case clinical features,case definitions/manifestation and case outlines as presented in the textbook body. Its mainly on tropical conditions both non communicable and non communicable hence fitting the current global medical needs. It can only be altered by the sole consent of both publishers and authors.It is dedicated to all publishers,family members and colleagues.
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