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Evidence-Based Medicine   Akmal El-Mazny

Evidence-Based Medicine

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Evidence-based medicine (EBM) aims to apply the best available research evidence to clinical decision making, and to assess the strength of evidence of the risks and benefits of treatments and diagnostic tests. In this era of evidence-based health care, both clinicians and researchers need to master EBM in order to critically appraise the medical research articles, and to judge the implications and reliability of reported results. The purposes of this book are to discuss how to practice EBM, the various types of research designs, the basic process by which research studies are conducted, and the research-related considerations such as scientific writing and research publishing. This book also offers a fundamental knowledge of conducting and interpreting biomedical statistics, and guides researchers through the processes of data management. Finally, I hope that this book will provide the "know how" for all researchers and health-care professionals.
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