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Prevention of suicide and attempted suicide in Denmark   Merete Nordentoft

Prevention of suicide and attempted suicide in Denmark

176 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Universal, Selected, and Indicated prevention (USI)is chosen as the preventive model. Universal preventive interventions are directed toward entire population. A selected review of the literature is conducted with focus on restrictions in firearms, carbon monoxide gas and drug self-poisoning. Selective interventions are directed toward individuals who are at greater risk for suicidal behaviour. A review of risk of suicide in homelessness and schizophrenia is conducted and possible interventions are mentioned together with the evidence for their effect. Suicide rate and preventive measures in affective disorder are also touched upon. Indicated preventions are targeted at individuals who have already begun self-destructive behaviour. At the indicated prevention level, a review of short-, medium- and long-term studies of fatal and non-fatal suicide acts after suicide attempt is conducted. The evidence of preventive measures to reduce repetition rates is presented. The state of the...
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