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Antioxidants in Health and Disease   Swanand Pathak,Satyawansingh Patel and Babasaheb Kale

Antioxidants in Health and Disease

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The concept of free radical damage and antioxidants have gained rapid popularity in the last decade. Almost all the physiological processes right form aging to psychological stress involves the damage to the body by free radicals. Consequently anti oxidants are finding place in almost all preventive, palliative and curative therapies. There is a definite role of oxidants and free radical damage in case of all infectious diseases. There is a good amount of work done by various researchers on the oxidative stress. There are number of research publications available on this subject. However the information is scattered and full of controversial findings on the utility of antioxidants in health and disease. Further there is growing interest in the use of herbal antioxidants evident from the fact that markets are flooded with various antioxidant formulations.This book is an attempt to compile this information in sequential manner so as to give a broad idea regarding the status of...
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