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Ethical Use of Transgenic Animals   Krunal V. Shah,Bhuvan P. Raval and Balkrushna K. Patel

Ethical Use of Transgenic Animals

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Disease models such as the oncomouse and the Alzheimer’s mouse have been hugely influential in the body of support for transgenic animals as they exhibit the most important of potential human benefits: aiding our understanding and treating life threatening illness. The use of animals for testing treatments is necessary because of the ethical gulf which prevents us from performing initial tests on humans. Biopharming represent another means of improving the human condition by producing human proteins in their milk, blood or eggs. The resultant protein can then be purified and used to treat medical needs. we focused on the ethics of making and using transgenic animals as per CCAC, with pros and cons for each category. Is says also that the given ‘three Rs’ should be followed as possible. The most obvious benefit to humans is from continued research using disease models, but when people claim that animal suffering, “playing God,” and destroying the animal’s integrity are unethical in...
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