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Daring to Change: Exploring Spiritual Dimensions of Modern Medicine   Amos M. Yinnon

Daring to Change: Exploring Spiritual Dimensions of Modern Medicine

192 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The sixteen stories in this book describe patients and their symptoms, touch upon the diagnosis or treatment of their illnesses and then move beyond the pure medical issue to explore the significance of their diseases for these patients. The meaningful interaction between the physician and the patient is often therapeutic by itself; however, when successful this may guide the patient on the road to unprecedented personal growth. Although modified in part to protect patient privacy the stories are based on real-life cases. They span an entire range of disciplines, from orthopedic trauma to potentially devastating infections during pregnancy, from sexually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunction through leprosy to suicide attempts. As these stories indicate, the opportunity for meaningful guidance of patients is ubiquitous and almost always deeply appreciated. The stories illustrate the important role the physician can play in the realm of emotional significance and personal values,...
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