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Determinant factors of unexplained ante partum stillbirths   Rosnah Sutan,W.Cairns S.Smith and Campbell Doris

Determinant factors of unexplained ante partum stillbirths

368 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Classifying perinatal deaths are depending on efficiency and quality of facility available in confirming the diagnosis and postulating causes deaths. In planning toward safer pregnancy, unexplained ante partum stillbirth was found to be a major contribution to overall perinatal deaths. Even with advance technology available, the causes of deaths cannot be determined. A system is therefore needed at least to identify possible cases for early prevention. The aims of publishing evidence found through research conducted during PhD with guidance from two expert supervisors, Emeritus Professor W.C.S.Smith and Emeritus Reader Dr.Doris Campbell is to give better coverage on determinant factors of unexplained ante partum stillbirth to all healthcare providers interested to strengthen their services. This book covers three sources of evidence related. The first component covers systematic review of existing major international evidence databases available on web follow with second component...
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