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Application of Acrylic and Circular ESF in fracture management in goat   Barun Biswas and Shyamal Kanti Guha

Application of Acrylic and Circular ESF in fracture management in goat

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Fracture is the disruptions in the continuity of a bone. Majority of fractures are caused by direct injury. Long bones such as radius and ulna are more prone to fracture because of its shape and size predispose to a fracture. Fractures of the fore limbs are more frequently encountered than hind limbs. Fracture in the forelimb can occur in a multitude of configurations and locations. Fourteen percent of long bone fractures involved the distal third of the radius and ulna in canine and it is the most common site of radial fracture and it accounted for 85% of all radial fractures and most often associated with falling injuries.There are several methods of repairing fractures from simple rest and confinement to internal fixation with bone grafts but the main principle to restore the function of the part in shortest time with least damage and risk. Animals are not co-operative as humans in following instructions to stay off a broken leg until healing occurs. Keeping above points in mind...
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