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Application of Analysis Approach in Noise Estimation   Yousif Mohamed Yousif Abdallah

Application of Analysis Approach in Noise Estimation

148 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book was produced to answer the need expressed by dental physicians, dental surgeons and radiology technologists for a clear and detailed description of the application of analysis approach in noise estimation using one of image processing programs. The issue of whether the dentist should use the radiographs in diagnosis or delegate this task to the radiographic technologist must be tackled responsibly for achieving radiographic quality and accurate radiation dose. This book also presents a new approach for Independently Identically Distributes (IID) noise in panoramic images and reduction of the redundancy in the image data using image processing technique. In addition, it highlights the role of the proposed approach (Noise Variance) by preservation of the image's overall look, preservation of the diagnostic content in the image, detection of small and low contrast details in the diagnostic content of the image. Furthermore, it highlights the role of using image processing...
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