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Effect of Exercise and Lifestyle Modification in Post-polio Syndrome   Srishti S. Sharma and Megha S. Sheth

Effect of Exercise and Lifestyle Modification in Post-polio Syndrome

108 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Post-polio syndrome (PPS) refers to a clinical disorder affecting polio survivors with sequel years after the initial polio attack. These patients report new musculo-skeletal symptoms like fatigue, pain, new and unusual muscular deficits, on healthy as well as deficient muscles initially affected by the Poliovirus. For many patients with PPS, the recurrence of weakness, pain and fatigue is very distressing. Exercise is of paramount importance with regard to remaining independent during routine daily activities. Our study has shown improvements in fatigue and functional capacity following exercise and lifestyle modification; and lifestyle modification alone. Furthermore, increase in physical function was also observed following exercise with lifestyle modification. Administration of a regular exercise programme will be beneficial to patients with PPS. Hence, it is considered appropriate that patients with PPS with distinct impairment in functional capacity should be given an exercise...
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