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Aspects in the Care of Older Adult   Samira Al senany Amer Al saif

Aspects in the Care of Older Adult

316 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Significantly, this book provides a comprehensive grounding in what it means to be a health professional caring for the older adult. The authors address important issues such as an exploration of the attitudes, knowledge, willingness and future intentions to work with older people. The role of health care professionals and their methods of practice are also considered. Issues such as learning and practice styles, the changing roles of health care practices, and the importance of teamwork provide the reader with an invaluable insight into modern professional practice. This book will have been successful if it encourages its reader to value the old people they care for and to promote opportunities for well-being and psychological growth rather than helplessness and deterioration in their old age. It therefore provides a contemporary description of students' attitudes, knowledge of ageing, intentions and willingness to work with older people, and highlights the need for gerontology...
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