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The Cardioprotective Mechanisms of Resveratrol   Ameen Iqbal

The Cardioprotective Mechanisms of Resveratrol

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cardiovascular diseases top the list for the leading cause of mortality in our world today, affecting both the developed and developing nations. Apart from the personal and social impact of cardiovascular diseases, they also pose a negative impact on the economy and future development of nations worldwide. Various strategies have evolved throughout the ages to encounter this global threat. Specialised surgical procedures have been developed and breakthroughs have been made with the development of various lifesaving drugs. Resveratrol has created a stir in the scientific community as it could potentially become a new form of treatment for cardiovascular diseases evidenced by promising results presented in numerous studies. What makes this compound even more remarkable is its capacity to act not only as a cardioprotective agent but also to act as a neuro-protective, anti-cancer and anti-aging agent. This book will surely provide benefit for the general public and the scientific...
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